Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Study 1, "And the Verdict Is...."

Good Morning,

Tomorrow we will be reviewing Chapter 1 of Guilt Free Motherhood "And the Verdict Is.." for our first study.  We will go over the three questions on page 23 for our discussion.  If you do not have the book yet, please don't let this stop you from coming!  You can pick up a copy here for $9.  I will list the discussion questions below because you will not have to have the read the book to be able to answer them!  Look forward to seeing everyone!


1.  What are some things that you have felt or feel guilty about as a mother?
2.  When you "fail" as a mom, does the resulting guilt you feel draw you closer to dependence on God or push you away from him?
3.  Do you ever feel like you have to be perfect as a mom?  If so, how does this impact your parenting?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hey Girls!  Here is the Little Lambs Schedule for this session.  The outings and park days have been filled in for the winter/spring session but left blank for the summer and fall portion.  That is because I would love your input to see what you want to do.  I tried to do the outings this time around that people suggested and we hadn't had a chance to do.
One thing that is different is we will still meet over the summer but take a break from the study.  We will only do a monthly outing since people have vacations etc.  Then we will resume in the fall with the same book.  Since we're doing a rotation every three weeks it'll take us a while to get through it!  We are also going to be trying different parks every park day to get to know our city better and find out those we like and don't like.
We start our study next week with Chapter one.  Hope to see everyone there!
Little Lambs Schedule
Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:30
10:00 – 10:15 Visit and snacktime
10:15 – 11:00 Study
11:00 – 11:30 Visit

February 16 – Meet and Greet
February 23 – Study 1 And The Verdict Is
March 2 – Park Day – Beaumont Sports Park (1692 Beaumont Ave, BM)
March 9 – Outing – Jump Zone in Redlands (10:00 – 1:00)
March 16 – Study 2 – Hey, Lady!  You’re Leaking Influence!
March 23 – Park Day – Stewart Park (650 E 9th St, BM)
March 30 – Outing – Beaumont Fire Department (628 Maple Ave BM) (10:00)
April 6 – Study 3 – The Forest for the Trees
April 13 – Park Day – Wildwood Park (36699 Wildwood Canyon Rd, YC)
April 20 – Outing- Storytime at Chatigny Rec Center  (11:15 – 12:00)
April 27 – Study 4 – Wisdom for Dummies
May 4 – Park Day – Seneca Springs Community Park (Malaga Ave, BM)
May 11 – Outing – Starbucks Storytime (1610 E 2nd St BM) 10:00
May 18 – Study 5 – The Seven Parenting Pillars of Wisdom
May 25 – Park Day – Mt. View Community Park (Tulip Circle, BM)

June 1 – Outing tbd
July 6 – Outing tbd
August 3 – Outing tbd

September 7 – Study 6 – Letting Go of What you Never Had
September 14 – Park – Mt. View Community Park (Sundance Circle, BM)
September 21 – Outing tbd
September 28 – Study 7 – Avoiding the Vomit
October 5 – Park – Yucaipa Community Park (34272 Yucaipa Boulevard, YC)
October 12 – Outing tbd
October 19 – Study 8 – A Buffet of Guilt
October 26 – Park - 3 Rings Ranch Community Park (Claiborne Ave, BM)
November 2 – Outing tbd
November 9 – Study 9 - Goodbye Guilt
November 16 – Park – DeForge Community Park (Seneca Springs Pkwy, BM)

Park information can be found on www.ci.beaumont.ca.us

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Lambs is BACK!

Hey Ladies!  Little Lambs is back!

We'll be starting up again this coming Wednesday the 16th at my house at 10:00 am.  Call me for address/directions at 909/896-0809.

Please sign up at the information table tomorrow so we know you are coming!  Books are available for $9.00 each.  Check out this link for more information on this awesome book!


Books will also be available at our first meeting.  We won't be doing a study for our first get together so don't worry if you don't get a chance to get the book ahead of time.  It will just be a time to get together, get to know each other and go over the schedule etc.

Can't wait to see everyone!