Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wildwood Park

We packed our best sippy cups, and gathered together for an afternoon of kite flying and friendship. The weather was beautiful, and the kids had an absolute blast.

Krista and Ali watched as the kids worked to get their kites in the air!

Ethan spent a little time looking at a ladybug! Fortunately it flew away before Ethan made it an afternoon snack!

Brady wasn't ready to fly a kite, but he certainly enjoyed watching the other kids!

Paisley ran around the park laughing and making new friends.

Ethan spend a few moments really thinking about what he wanted to do next!

Krista helped Jayden and Reed successfully fly their kites!

It became very evident which kids liked the camera....

Jonathan wasn't quite ready to fly a kite, so he decided to just hang out and look absolutely adorable!

Krista and Brady staying cool in the shade.

Schivon and Liam had a great time together just mom and son!

Liam is such a sweet boy!

Jonathan and Sarah are so sweet!

Jayden really worked hard to get his kite in the air!

Samuel took a few minutes to cool down!

Reed was willing to run as long as he needed to get his kite in the air!

Rebekah and Caleb had fun at the playground!

Paisley cracked up at Jayden's jokes.

Paige and Samuel spent some time discussing politics.

Mason wasn't terribly interested in politics, but he enjoyed snacking on a hunk of the lawn.

Paige had an absolute blast with everybody!

Brady and Mason are both deep in thought.

After chasing a kite with Samuel, Lorinda enjoyed some time relaxing

Lindsey impressed the kids with her kite flying skills.

Landen discovered that sometimes a stick can be lots of fun!

Liam really warmed up to the camera!

Landen was a super star climber!

Ali was absolutely adorable!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wildwood Park Day

Our next get together is a park day on the 28th at 10:00 am at Wildwood Park (36699 Wildwood Canyon Rd, Yucaipa) .  I wanted to send this out a llttle earlier then usual because it's going to be a KITE park day!  Last time we went to Wildwood Park there were kids flying kites and our kiddos were oh so sad they didn't have kites!  So we thought it'd be fun to come back and bring kites!  Thus, the "kite park day!"  This park always has a nice breeze so hopefully the weather will cooperate. If you don't already have one, they are at the dollar tree right now!  They even have a pack of 2 for a dollar!

Hope to see everyone there!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Study 6 "Letting Go of What you Never Had"

This week on Wednesday the 21st at 10 am we will be going over study 6 in
Guilt Free Motherhood "Letting Go of What you Never Had."  We will be
meeting at Krista Erickson's house one more time as mine is not quite ready
for company!  Her address is 1417 Willowbend Way, Beaumont.
I realize some of you don't have your books yet but please don't let this
stop you from coming!  We will do a review of the chapter and I'm listing
the questions below because they're ones you can answer without having read!
(page 194)

1.  In what areas of parenting do you feel frustrated about not having
2. Think about your experience growing up.  How did your mother do with
"letting you go?"  Giving you choices?  Providing consequences for your
3. What are some appropriate areas in each of your children's lives that you
can give them room to make choices and express their autonomy?
4. If what area's of your children's lives do you fear trusting God?

Michele Downard is in charge of the sign ups for babysitting and snacks and
will be sending out reminders via email or text (whichever you filled out on
form) on Mondays.

Look forward to seeing everyone again!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Kickoff

This Wednesday the 14th at 10:00 am is our fall kickoff!  Since my house is still a work in progress we will be meeting at Krista Ericksons house.  Her address is 1417 Willowbend Way in Beaumont.  Since this is our first meeting we will just be getting to know each other, going over the fall schedule and of course having snacks!
We will be continuing our study in the book Guilt Free Motherhood.  I have books available for $9.00.  We are only halfway through the book and the studies are stand alone so if you are just starting now, it is still worth getting and you will not be lost!
Sanctuary has a new email address so from now on you will be receiving email from  Please add to your address book so t doesn't get spammed!

Can't wait to see everyone Wednesday!