Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I can't believe that we had to miss another study!! I am so sorry girls!! Me and both of the kiddos are fighting off a really nasty cold. I hope you are all staying healthy!

I was able to find some time to do my reading. I know I have said it before but........ I am loving this book!! I was really interested in what Dr. Leman had to say about Birth Order and the role it plays in our lives and our children's lives. I was reading and could totally see the same characteristics in my children that he was explaining. Not just in the kids but in myself, my sister, my husband, etc. I found it really interesting!

So, since I couldn't make it to the study........

What did you find interesting in Chapters 2 & 3??

What point stuck out the most for you??

Next week is a park outing and we haven't set a park yet. Does anyone have suggestions?? Anyone know the perfect park?? :)

Have a Blessed Week & Weekend!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apple Picking Fun!!

Wow!! This morning was so much fun!! I think all of the Little Ones really had a great time! Here are a few pics I snapped from our morning in Oak Glen:

Thank you so much for the fun morning girls!! I hope you all enjoyed it too! 

Update: Our next study on September 29th will be at Krista's house. I'll email all of you with the details! :)


A Few "Guidlines" To Remember

What You Should Know About Little Lambs:

* Little Lambs is a small group for Moms and their small children (newborn - 4 yrs.). No Daddies please! We want all of our Mommies to feel comfortable! :)

* For this session we will be meeting at the home of Lindsey Silvestrini on study days.

* Come when you can! It’s ok if you can’t make it every week!

* Please come prepared on the days that we have study! We like to do our reading and study questions on our own and show up ready for discussion. This makes it so much easier when we have Little Ones running around! :)

* We always take time to do prayer requests at the end of our study days. Please do not share information (such as prayer requests) outside of the group. Again, we want all of our Moms to feel comfortable! :)

* In order to help keep everyone healthy, if you or your child is or has been sick within 48 hours of our meeting we ask that you please skip that weeks activity. We all know how hard it is when our kiddos get sick. :(

Friday, September 17, 2010

Apple Picking Details

Hi Ladies!!

I am so sorry that I had to miss our first meeting!! Me & my Little Guy weren't feeling too great and I didn't want to get anyone sick. We are much better now!!

I heard that the study went really well!
So, I want to know.......... What portion from Chapter one had the biggest impact on you?? I think for me, it was on page 20 when Dr. Leman says, "Don't be afraid to let your kids fail." Wow!! How hard is that?? Why would we want to see our children fail?? At the same time, I am really starting to realize how important this is in our children's development. Part of our job as parents is to prepare our children for the "Real World" and lets face it, failure is a part of it. It may be a hard concept to grasp but, it is one that I am working on understanding better.

I am really excited for next Wednesday!! I have been up to Oak Glen several times but, have never actually done Apple Picking! 
We will be doing our Apple Picking at Rileys at Los Rios Rancho. The Apple Picking stand is across the street from the Main building (gift shop & bakery). Let's all meet up there at 10:00 am. They have apples and raspberries available for picking. The apple prices are: $10 for 5lbs. and $18 for 10 lbs. The lady that I spoke with told me that we don't all have to have our own bag. We can pick apples in groups and split the apples between us. This way we can share the cost too! It's best if you bring cash. If you want to pay with credit card you will need to go across the street to the store and pay before you pick apples. They also have raspberries and they are $5 per pint. They also said that it's best to park your car at the apple Picking stand(it is walking distance from the store but, it's a little dangerous crossing the street with little ones.) I thought maybe after we pick apples we could drive over to the store and have a picnic. If you are interested in that, just bring a lunch and blanket for you and your kiddos. They have a nice grassy area that is perfect for picnics! We might need to pop in the gift shop too! I love that place!! :)
I think that is everything. Please let me know if I forgot anything! Feel free to check out their website for more details!!

If possible, shoot me an email or leave a comment letting me know if you will be joining us. The cell service isn't very good up there and I don't want anyone to be left behind! :)

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!
Have a Blessed weekend!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

So excited!!!

We are so excited to be starting our study next week!

We ask kindly that everyone comes prepared for our first meeting next Wednesday. We will be meeting at Lindsey's house at 10:00am and there will be light snacks provided. If you would like to provide snacks for our upcoming study days we will have a sign up sheet available on Wednesday. Please remember to purchase your book at the info tent and read Chapter 1 before Wednesday. There are discussion questions for each chapter in the back of the book if you would like to look them over. We may not be able to go through every question on Wednesday but, we will do our best! :)

Can't wait to see everyone!!
Have a Blessed week!!

-Ashley & Lindsey