Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ford Park

Today was our Little Lambs outing to Ford Park in Redlands.  We took the kids to the playground and then to the Duck pond to feed them!  The grown ups were disappointed in the condition of the pond and how the city has let it go BUT the kids didn't seem to notice and loved over feeding the ducks! 

Dylan and Josiah feeding the ducks

Ethan watching 

Riley and Caleb 

Paige and Reed  

Paige and Reed were obsessed with this rock! 

Samuel and Reed decided to try to move the rock! 

Brady was content with his snacks 

Picnic lunch 

Brady and Dylan 

Reed running 

Samuel and Paige 

Samuel, Paige and Everest joining the rock obsession! 

Paige and Samuel 


Running to Mama! 

Michelle and her boys 

Krista and Brady 

Move that rock! 

Jayden, Paige, RIley, Everest and Reed 
Great day at the park girls!  I love watching all of our kids play and grow up together!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ford Park

This Wednesday the 20th is a park day at Ford Park in Redlands.  It is located on Parkford Drive at Redlands Blvd and Ford Street.  It's a 27 acre park with two ponds for fishing with picnic and playground facilities.  Pack a picnic lunch if you want to stay and be sure to bring bread for the kids to feed the ducks!  Lets meet at the playground at 10:00.  Hope to see everyone there!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pool Party!

Today we had a pool party at Nicole Beechers house!  The kids had a blast swimming and snacking and playing with each other and us moms didn't mind cooling off either!

Reed, Ashlyn and Paige racing around the pool

Samuel didn't want his picture taken at first but warmed up later! 

Kylie loves having her picture taken! 

Sweet Ashlyn 

Paigey and Kylie collecting the tubes 

Paige hanging out 

Kylie swimming by herself! 

Paige getting ready to jump! 

Samuel swimming

Kiley and Landen 

Reed doesn't like swimming yet! 

Landen tubing 

Paige started climing into the water by herself! 

Landen laying out 

Paige and Landen 

Reed playing with the noodles 

Samuel relaxing 


Thanks for opening up your home to us Nicole!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Lambs Pool Party Outing

This Wednesday the 6th from 10:00 to 11:30 is our pool party at Nicole Beecher's house.  Her address is 37046 Meadow Brook Way, Beaumont.  She lives inside a gated community so the code to open the gate is 3978.  We will be outside the whole time so please bring plenty of water and sunblock!  The only rule she has is that you are in the pool with your child if they are swimming.  We want to keep everyone safe!  Hope to see you there!