Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebration Park

Today was our park day at Celebration Park in Moreno Valley.  I've always loved this park because they have both the water park and a regular playground so it makes all kids happy!  AND it's FREE so it makes mommies happy too!

The water park

The traditional playground 

Gage in his cool Cars bathing suit 

Ashlyn in Tinkerbell 

Reed not sure if he wants to get in 

Kiley going in for a hug soaking wet! 

I love how Kiley is always willing to strike a pose for me! 

Dylan feeling the water 

Kiley trying to convince Reed to get back in 

Riley on the playground 

Landen on the playground 


The moms got to cool off in the water too 

We had a great park day!  Everyone who missed it should check this place out.  It was a definite hit!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebration Park

This Wednesday the 15th is a park day at 10:00 am at Celebration Park in Moreno Valley.  The address is 14965 Morgan Ave.  This is a splash park where they have water fixtures for the kids to play in.  There are buckets that dump water so it's definitely a swimsuit time!  There is also a regular park right next to it and there are picnic tables if you want to bring a picnic lunch.  I will try to get there a little early to grab a nice grass spot in the shade because they go quickly!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dairy Queen Outing

Today was our first fun summer outing at Dairy Queen in Yucaipa!  We got to take a tour and learn about how the ice cream, cakes and cones are made!  The kids loved it but of course their favorite part was sampling the merchandise!

Reed in front of the giant Blizzard

Paige doing a rare posed photo 

Paige and Jayden 


Ashlyn and Kylie 

Cousins Jordyn and Everest 

Kylie, Jordyn, Everest, Jayden and Samuel 

Paige climbing all over the furniture 


The kids got stickers to put on their shirts 

The owner Josh explained how they make ice cream cakes 

Everest, Jordyn, Reed and Paige listening 


Ice cream cakes! 

Watching ice cream being made 


Paige getting a cone 

Reeds turn 

Eating ice cream 

Samuel diving in! 






Hope you enjoyed our first summer outing! Can't wait for the next!