Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fire Station / Police Station Outing

Yesterday was our much anticipated fire station outing! 
The kids were LOVING this one but unfortunately, about twenty minutes into our tour, it got cut short by a call.  The kids were disappointed but I thought it was a great way to end the tour, to see the firemen leave all dressed up in their full uniforms with lights and sirens on! 
Stephanie and her husband came to the rescue and let us take a tour of the police station!

Reed checking out the fire truck

Michele and Ashley and kids listening to the fire man 

Stephanie and Lorinda and kids inside the fire station 

Lorinda and Samuel 

Nicholas "riding" in the fire truck 

Landen enjoying his turn 

Moms and kids waiting for their turn  

Samuel "driving" 

Ashley and Finnley watching  

Reed taking his turn 

Paigey driving 

Gage's turn! 

Paige talking to her friend Ali 

Our youngest kid getting her turn! 

Michele and Gage 

Then the call came out :( 

These two little boys were the most devastated! 

Such a sad little sight to see! 

Reed still upset about the fire truck leaving so he didn't want to get in the group shot.  I got him in it anyway! 

Paige and Samuel 

Landen and Paige at the police station waiting to go in 

Getting a tour from Stephanies husband Brent 

Gage and Landen behind bars 

Nicholas with his dad 

Reed wanted to ride the motorcycle 

I think this was one of the favorite outings so far so we'll have to try it again and hopefully get the full tour next time!  Thanks to Stephanie for saving our outing! :)

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